Simple Shopping Guide for Cherry Pickers

A Simple Shopping Guide for Cherry Pickers in the Market

If you are involved in the construction lift industry, you will at one time or the other handle maintenance work in inaccessible areas. On the other hand, if you own an orchard, you appreciate the need for enhanced access during harvesting, pruning and other garden maintenance work. In all these situations, a cherry picker comes in handy.

Enhancing Access Using Cherry Pickers

The aerial working platform that this equipment offers makes it accessible to access highly placed facilities either during installation or maintenance. For instance, a cherry picker is ideal for electrical repairs, cable television repairs, Christmas light installation and utility poles/kurs. If you are in the market looking for equipment to enhance your technical team’s effectiveness, it is time to have a look at different types of cherry pickers in the market.

Scissors Lift Cherry Pickers

This is a modern design cherry picker that lifts a platform through a folding mechanism instead of the common bucket. There are crisscrossing supporting beams that fold and unfold to lower and raise a working platform. The design is hailed for its higher load bearing capacity and they are best applied in areas where a straight vertical lift is needed. These cherry pickers have a maximum operational height of up to 32 meters. They are either truck mounted though some designs are self-propelled. Others are pushed around by a vehicle.

Vertical Mast Cherry Pickers

These are the most common types of cherry pickers/sakselift and they are fitted with a bucket or a working platform at the end. They are ideal for low height applications such as utility pole repairs and they are supposed to handle personnel without a lot of equipment. If you have light commercial tasks for your team, this is the ideal choice for your operations.

Articulated Boom Cherry Pickers

This is considered the most versatile cherry picker/liftutleie in the market because it allows personnel to work at different levels. It has articulated joints allowing a worker to move both horizontally and vertically. The base unit can remain fixed as your workers tackle different levels of the project work.

How Cherry Pickers Work

There are different systems used to drive cherry pickers and it is important to understand which is ideal for your operations. There are vehicle mounted lifts that are mostly used for small maintenance work, push-around lifts and self-propelled systems. Whether you are hiring or buying a cherry picker, make sure you consider the application it will be put to.